Safen Medical

Safen Medical’s Mission is to eliminate infusion line medication errors.  Published studies report half of IV medications have some type of error and over half of those errors are due to IV-line labeling confusion. Safen’s system standardizes IV-line labeling using common shapes, colors, icons and haptics that give the healthcare worker, patient and the patient’s support system an immediate picture of what is flowing through their lines.

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DoubleLock Healthcare, Inc.

DoubleLock Healthcare, Inc., is an early-stage medical device company that has developed a cleaner, faster, safer intravenous (IV) connection system that aspires to become the new standard-of-care in IV drug delivery. Our signature product is the patented DoubleLock Sterile Entry IV Port and Syringe System which reduces or prevents the transmission of bacteria through the IV port when medication is drawn up at the point-of-care in the operating room, at the bedside, or in the field with the aim of decreasing the incidence of healthcare-associated infections; specifically, catheter-related blood stream infections, central line-associated bloodstream infections, and surgical site infections via bacterial seeding. Our ultimate goal is to reduce healthcare costs and improve the quality-of-life for patients worldwide.

    • The DoubleLock Sterile Entry Intravenous Port and Syringe System

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