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Myth Busting on ENFit® Enteral Feeding Connectors
November 2, 2021

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Debunking myths around ENFit enteral feeding connectors. Let’s stop with the hearsay and be blunt with the facts with the experts that have been around during creation, implementation and the bumps along the way of ENFit. Featuring a Physician, Nurse Specialist, Pharmacist, Patient, Dietitian & Engineer.

ENFit® Implementation: 4 Steps to Success
July 27, 2021

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Let’s deep dive into the four steps that help to pull off a successful & thoughtful conversion to ISO-compliant small-bore connectors in enteral feeding: AWARE | PREPARE | ADOPT | MEASURE

Obtain your launch guide with this webinar presented by expert ENFit converters made up of Physicians, Nurse Specialists, Pharmacists, Dietitians & Professors. These individuals recognized the gap in patient safety in their healthcare systems and co-lead their go-live teams in transitioning to safer small-bore connectors and comply with ISO standard 80369-3.

Stay Connected: Safer Enteral Connectors Key to Patient Safety
May 4, 2021

This educational webinar with expert panelists Glenda Rodgers, Mike Cusack & Beth Lyman:
Rodgers provides a first-hand P.O.V. of an enteral misconnection from a mother/registered nurse.
Cusack provides an overview of the ISO 80369 standard and its global adoption.
Lyman provides a thorough overview of the implementation process from a nurse experienced in converting to the ISO standard tubing connections.

Reducing the Risk of Device Misconnections: Education & Awareness on ENFit
March 30, 2021

Rediscover the purpose of this patient safety initiative. Learn the history of ISO 80639 standards and how they protect patients, the importance of enteral standards, what changes are coming, how other healthcare systems are converting to ENFit; and finally how GEDSA can help you and your go-live team.

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