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Anue develops tools, processes, and knowledge that help caregivers give children the best possible start in life. Through our solutions, we ensure optimal quality at all levels, minimize waste and simplify the way for breast milk throughout the value chain.

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Anue Concept™️ – for breast milk donation | Anue ENFit Pipettecap™️ | Anue ENFit Universal Lid ™️ | Anue Pipette™️ is ENFit Compatible

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Avanos | NeoMed
Avanos is committed to patient safety and supports GEDSA’s mission is to promote initiatives surrounding safe and optimal delivery of enteral feeding and connectivity. Please contact your local Avanos sales representative to learn more about how Avanos can help with your transition to ENFit and visit, a comprehensive guide to tube feeding for patients at all stages of their tube feeding journey.

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B Braun
B Braun

Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific
As a charter member of GEDSA, Boston Scientific is committed to patient safety. Learn more about the transition to Enteral Feeding Devices with ENFit Connectors and current product availability.

Cair LGL

Cair LGL, European manufacturer of disposable medical devices, develops and manufactures a full range of innovative and reliable medical devices to meet patients and healthcare professional’s needs.Thanks to one of the most efficient industrial facilities in Europe, and vertically integrated, Cair LGL offers flexibility and quick time to market. Cair LGL is specialized in fluid administration, from the bag to the patient and supplies sets of infusion, chemotherapy, aspiration and nutrition with baby bottles and enteral nutrition with ENFit connection. Products are sold worldwide through partnerships and subsidiaries in Europe.

Infusion, Nutrition, Secure IV therapy, Chemotherapy, Suction, Ventilation

Cardinal Health
Cardinal Health, in collaboration with companies across the industry, has helped to develop the ENFit Connection System and the Stay Connected Initiative. By adopting ENFit connections, the complete Kangaroo™ portfolio will have the added safety of an internationally accepted standard for safe enteral connections.

Cedic has over 50 years of experience in medical devices, along with access to the latest technology, cutting-edge automation and capabilities range from design engineering to finished device manufacturing. Their diverse product portfolio, specializing in fluid delivery, is designed with the main objective of improving the patient’s quality of life. Distributed in over 40 countries, their products include everything from single components to sterile OEM devices.

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Cirúrgica Fernandes

Cirúrgica Fernandes, one of the most important distributors of medical and hospital products in Brazil, supports the worldwide initiative of ISO 80369-3 with the goal of bringing more quality and safety into the lives of enteral feeding patients.

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Transition Connectors | Funnel to ENFit® Adaptors | ENFit® Syringes | ENFit® PUR Feeding Tubes | ENFit® Gastrostomy Tubes

The Dale 485 ENFit ACE (Access Controller for Enteral) Connector with ENFit Technology is fully compatible to the new ISO 80369-3 specification. It’s the simple and secure way to connect tubes for inline feeding, flushing, irrigation, sampling gastric residuals, medication delivery, and suction when required. It connects to all nasogastric, PEG, PEJ, G/J, and special ENFit compatible Suction tubes with ENFit suction adapter, and ENFit compatible Salem Sump tubes.

The Dale Nasogastric Tube Holders are ideal for holding most nasogastric tubes, including nasoenteric, Salem Sump®, and Levin enteral tubes.

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ACE Enteral ENFit Connectors 485 | NasoGastric Tubeholders 160 & 161


danumed Medizintechnik GmbH is an innovative German manufacturer of enteral feeding devices, with many years of experience in enteral nutrition and a strong international expertise. Danumed convinces with its high-quality standards, strong customer orientation, and comprehensive product portfolio ranging from low-profile gastrostomy feeding tubes to enteral syringes.

The top priority at danumed is to empower patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers with advanced enteral application solutions that prioritize safety, comfort, and quality of life. Our enteral products come equipped with ENFit® connectors as standard and are made of high-quality materials to ensure safe usage and prolonged service life. Through innovative product optimizations, we aim to enhance patient comfort and facilitate a smooth and efficient enteral nutrition experience.

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LumaClean, LLC is an innovative solutions company that created the EnClean Brush to clean the ENFit Connector. We are expanding our portfolio looking for new product ideas and seek to collaborate with clinicians in a mutually rewarding manner. If you have an idea or simply a “pain point” where you wish someone could come up with a solution or a “better-way,” please contact us.

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Enteral Access Technologies (EAT)
Enteral Access Technologies (EAT) is focused on developing cutting edge enteral access devices. DoubleCHEK™, EAT’s flagship product, combines CO2 and pH into one, simple to use device, to help clinicians place feeding tubes at the bedside more safely and efficiently. The benefits of implementing DoubleCHEK™ can include a reduction in; Time To Therapy (TTT), tube misplacement rate, and confirmatory x-rays. Two key checks. One safe placement!

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Feeding Tube Accessories

Enteral UK
GBUK Enteral Ltd is the UK’s leading enteral feeding device company. Our comprehensive ENFit™ range and dedicated support team provide the best in enteral feeding technology for healthcare professionals and their patients.

Enteral Syringes | Enteral Drainage Bags | Nasogastric Feeding Tubes | Pharmacy Syringes & Accessories

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Fresenius Kabi
Fresenius Kabi is a leading international health care company with the vision to offer forward driven ideas for the best support of patients and caretakers. Our ultimate goal is to supply safe and efficient methods to achieve an optimum clinical result for the welfare of patients and care providers. With this responsibility in mind, Fresenius Kabi is member of GEDSA and has implemented ENFit as standard to its a complete range of feeding tubes, giving sets and accessories for enteral nutrition. In the field of enteral nutrition, Fresenius Kabi serves as full solution provider with a broad portfolio of ready to use tube feeds, oral nutritional supplements as well as powder products and sip feeds.

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Enteral Feeding Pumps & Dedicated Administration Sets | 2 Percutaneous Feeding Tubes | Nasogastric Feeding Tubes | Enteral Syringes | Gravity Administration Sets | Neonatology Portfolio


Founded in 1998, GCMEDICA has built a legacy in the field of medical device design and advanced mold manufacturing. Our expertise spans diverse range of products, each meticulously crafted and certified for use in various countries.

At GCMEDICA, we are unwavering in our commitment to high-quality products and the delivery of unparalleled services. Our customer-centric approach drives our operations, as we continuously endeavor to provide comprehensive support and unwavering assistance to our valued clients.

We take immense pride in our ENFIT series, which stands as a testament to our dedication to excellence.


Nasogastric Feeding Tube | Ryles Tubes | Enteral Syringes | Enteral Transition Adapter | Enteral Feeding Bag Set | Enteral Drainage Bag

IMI is an industry leader in Secure Drug Delivery. Our mission is to enhance mediation safety by providing drug security solutions to healthcare institutions worldwide. We are proud to contribute to GEDSA’s mission to promote initiatives surrounding safe and optimal delivery of enteral feeding and connectivity by manufacturing Tamper Evident Products specifically designed to meet the ISO 80369-3 standard.

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Prep-Lock™ Tamper Evident Caps For ENFit® Syringes

KB Medical Group
KB Medical Group specializes in Safety Medical Products and Nutrition Care. They have their headquarters in the USA, and their professional manufacturing plant in China. As a charter member of GEDSA, KB Medical Group had focused on a wide variety of innovative, high-quality Enteral Feeding System products and accessories uniquely designed for delivering nutrition and medication to pediatric and adult patients who comply with the new standard ISO80369-3 ENFit.

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Enteral Syringes (Single Use & Multiple Use) | ENFit Transition Connectors | Oral Syringes | Gravity Administration Sets | Pump Administration Sets

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In 2019 our founder, Neal Piper, and his family received a cancer diagnosis for their 3-year-old son. Neal, his family, and their care team immediately got to work. After some time they realized that the tumor would affect his son’s ability to safely eat and drink creating a new reality for their family. After personally experiencing the weight of a nutritional feeding program, requiring bulky equipment, overnight feeding, and inability to share data effectively with their physician, Neal decided to do something. He built a team of people from some of the most successful companies in spine care, diabetes care, and software development to build the world’s first truly portable, connected tube feeding system.

Product Categories: Feeding tube pump

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Medela Neonatal Solutions is a holistic approach to enteral feeding, developed from years of human milk research. We offer an assortment of TwistLok® or ENFit® syringes, extension sets, feeding tubes, and enteral accessories specifically tailored to the unique feeding needs of neonates and built for the demands of the NICU. Nowhere is the amazing power of human milk more apparent than in the NICU – where drops save lives, and the smallest details matter most.

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Medicina Ltd is part of the HMC Group, a leading international manufacturer and distributor of ENFit® enteral feeding devices. Our comprehensive range include nasogastric feeding tubes, syringes, syringe accessories, tube accessories and transitional adapters.

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Nasogastric Feeding Tubes |Enteral Syringes | Enteral Syringe Accessories |Nasogastric Tube Accessories | Enteral Drainage Bags | Transition Adapters | Components & Sub-Assemblies | Oral Syringes

Moog Medical manufactures and distributes the EnteraLite® Infinity® and Infinity® Orange® Low Volume Enteral Feeding Pumps. Delivery sets used with these pumps include the ENFit® connector system with transitional stepped connectors.


We are Nutricia. We believe in the power of nutrition to make a positive and proven difference to health; our expert understanding of nutrition means we have an important role in making this happen. We focus our time and energy on developing and delivering new nutritional solutions to meet both existing and emerging health needs. Our nutritional solutions are tailor-made to meet the specific nutritional needs associated with a variety of diseases and conditions.

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Owens & Minor

Owens & Minor, Inc. (NYSE: OMI) is a Fortune 500 global healthcare solutions company providing essential products and services that support care from the hospital to the home.

For over 100 years, Owens & Minor and its affiliated brands, Apria® , Byram® , and HALYARD*, have helped to make each day better for the patients, providers, and communities we serve.

Powered by more than 20,000 teammates worldwide, Owens & Minor delivers comfort and confidence behind the scenes so healthcare stays at the forefront. Owens & Minor exists because every day, everywhere, Life Takes Care™.

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A global healthcare company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of high-quality medical devices and personal protective equipment for patients and clinicians. We provide complete, competitive and innovative medtech solutions in a way that is relevant to our customers. We have a rich pipeline of new product innovation, and we continuously improve our offer and work toward our goal of ‘Building a Healthier Tomorrow’.

Spectrum Plastics


Ucomfor is a bsi certified contract development and manufacturing company of single use sterile and non-sterile disposable medical devices, which are widely used where quality, safety and reliability are critical.

With the focus of Enteral Feeding, PVC and PVC free devices are being produced in ISO Class 8 cleanroom in compliance with MDR quality management system.

Ucomfor is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of quality products and services, each member of Ucomfor is committed to making a difference in the lives of patients.


Vesco Medical provides enteral (tube) feeding devices that deliver life sustaining nutrition to patients in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and those cared for at home.  Our vision is to become the leader in providing patients with enteral systems that deliver the highest value, quality and service.  More customers worldwide are turning to Vesco to supply our reliable, safe, tube feeding products with ISO standard ENFit Connectors to meet their performance needs and value requirements.  Vesco Medical, Feeding Innovation.

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Vygon designs, manufactures and markets high-tech single-use medical devices for healthcare professionals. Vygon is a world leader within this industry, offering a wide range of products in a number of clinical specialties : Arterial – IV Accessories – Vascular management – Cardiovascular – Loco Regional Anesthesia & Pain – Airway – Enteral. Vygon combines local and international in-depth expertise and know-how in each individual field. With expertise right along the value chain, from product design to the delivery of training for medical personnel, Vygon provides clinicians with effective and innovative products tailored to their needs for optimum use and safety. Vygon products are manufactured in the group’s 11 factories including eight in Europe.

A family company founded in 1962, Vygon is based in Ecouen, in France’s Greater Paris region. It is a mid-sized business employing 2,557 committed employees worldwide.

At Vygon, we Value Life through the innovation of our medical devices and their impact on improving and ultimately, saving lives. Patient care lies at the heart of our philosophy and it is this that drives us to constantly evolve both ourselves and our product offering, ensuring we provide the very best to our customers.

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