NRFit™ Product and Supply Resources

Expect to see NRFit™ Connectors beginning in 2017. Please contact your supplier for exact timing details for your organization.


B Braun Medical

As a market leader in regional anesthesia and advocate for patient safety, B. Braun Medical Inc. has available for sale, epidural and spinal products with NRFit™ connectors in compliance with ISO 80369-6 and California State Legislation.

B Braun Medical NRFit Page



To address the risk of wrong route administration ISO 80369-6 medical device connectors are being progressively introduced worldwide, replacing conventional Luer connectors. GBUK Healthcare is working with global regulatory authorities and industry partners to ensure the universal availability of NRFit™ connectors.


Micrel Medical Devices

Micrel Medical Devices SA has always placed patient safety and wellbeing as a priority. As part of that continual commitment to prevent accidental administration of medication use via the wrong route, Micrel Medical Devices SA has created NRfit connectors for the Yellow sets product range of Rythmic Administration Set, validated to comply with the ISO 80369-6:2016 requirements for male Neuraxial lock connectors.

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Smiths Medical

Smiths Medical is incorporating the new-standard connectors to our existing CADD® and Portex® Neuraxial offerings. Our goal is to help our customers become aware of the new ISO standard, and help facilitate the steps needed for preparedness and adoption.

Smiths Medical NRFit Page


Teleflex, the market leader in Regional Anesthesia with the Arrow® line of products and is committed to advancing patient safety by supporting the ISO-80369-6 standard and the California Epidural regulation. Teleflex is ready to help your organization transition to the NRFit standard.

Teleflex NRFit Page

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