Comprised of leading manufacturers and distributors of enteral feeding devices, GEDSA brings together perspectives and expertise from across the industry for the singular goal of enhancing patient safety. GEDSA members work together to help organizations, clinicians, administrators, health technology management, and other support staff become aware of, prepare for, and adopt new standard connectors.

GEDSA Membership

Inclusion of your company’s logo online and in collateral materials. Membership also includes access to the files of all promotional materials, so you may customize them with your company’s branding elements. You will receive participation in all conference calls and live meetings with the GEDSAtechnical team and marketing/communications team. Additionally, after one year of active membership, you are eligible for a seat on GEDSA’s Board of Directors.

Learn more about GEDSA membership by contacting Executive Director Michael K. Cusack at (614) 824-5897 or [email protected].

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