NRFit products availability from manufacturers will begin during the second quarter of 2017 with introductions rolling out during the summer with the goal of having full availability in the fall of 2017 pending regulatory clearances. Hospitals should contact individual companies concerning timing and make plans based on having sufficient inventory to support their conversion

Epidural/Spinal Applications: Spinal Needle, Epidural Needle, Filter Needle, Spinal Introducer, Drawing Up Needle, Drawing Up Straws, 0.2 Micron Disc Filter, 0.2 Micron Needle Filter, Infusion Pump Accessories, Patient Access Catheter Connector, Syringe to Syringe Transfer Device, Individually Packaged Slip Syringes, Slip Syringes, LOR Syringes, Epidural Stopcocks, Epidural Filter, Epidural Administration Sets, Spinal Manometer, Three way tap, Blood Patch Kit, Adapter for epidural blood patch

Major Regional Anesthesia: Nerve block needles, Individually packaged Lock Syringes, Individually packaged draw up needles, Syringe Caps

Continuous Wound Infusion: Silastic LA Infusion Device, Catheter for Wound Infusion, Individually Packaged Lock Syringes, Individually Packaged Draw up Needles

Equipment for Specialist Training: Omnaya Reservoir Needles, Huber Needles, Spinal Catheters, External Ventricular Drains, External Ventricular Accessories, RF Needles, RF Accessories, CSF Pressure Transducer Sets