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Sentinel Event Alert 57: The essential role of leadership in developing a safety culture
The Joint Commission (TJC) recently published Sentinel Event 57 that focuses on the importance of leadership taking the initiative to create a safer culture within their hospital.

In the Sentinel Event Alert, TJC states, “Competent and thoughtful leaders contribute to improvements in safety and organizational culture. They understand that systemic flaws exist and each step in a care process has the potential for failure simply because humans make mistakes.”

GEDSA commends the TJC on this Sentinel Event as leadership within hospitals is vital in improving the safety culture, embracing changes to improve safety, and reducing risk for their institution. This Sentinel Event ties closely to the efforts of the Stay Connected initiative to reduce the risk of medical device tubing misconnections. Introducing ENFit connectors poses an immediate patient safety benefit and reduces the likelihood of a human error. Click the link below to view Sentinel Event 57.