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Avanos is committed to patient safety and supports GEDSA’s mission is to promote initiatives surrounding safe and optimal delivery of enteral feeding and connectivity.  Please contact your local Avanos sales representative to learn more about how Avanos can help with your transition to ENFit and visit Tubefed.com, a comprehensive guide to tube feeding for patients at all stages of their tube feeding journey.

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Baxter, a global leader in nutrition therapy, has introduced a complete line of enteral syringes with an ENFit® connector and ENFit® compatible accessories to enhance patient safety. In support of the global ISO 80369-3 initiative, Baxter has designed a line of enteral syringes with an ENFit® connector that prevents misconnections or wrong-route administration, which can cause severe patient injury. Ensuring patients have safe access to nutrition therapy is Baxter’s driving focus and our enteral ENFIT product line will help us reach this initiative.  For more details on our enteral ENFIT product line, please go to our product website link below.

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Boston Scientific

As a charter member of GEDSA, Boston Scientific is committed to patient safety. Learn more about the transition to Enteral Feeding Devices with ENFit Connectors and current product availability.

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CAIR LGL designs medical devices and offers customized solutions tailored to patient populations and healthcare professional needs. We contribute on a daily basis to the market introduction of the new safe enteral connector ISO 80369-3: ENFit®. Get more information on the new NUTRICAIR Enteral range with ENFit! Please contact your local sales representative for more information.


Cirúrgica Fernandes

Feeding set and connector ENFit to funnel an funnel to ENFit

Enteral syringe and connector

Enteral Feeding tube PUR

Gastrostomy tube

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Cook Medical

Cook Medical is committed to enhancing patient safety by reducing potentially harmful misconnections between medical devices. We support the initiative to transition from the Luer-type connection on enteral feeding devices to the ENFit connection that meets the ISO design standard. To determine where Cook products are in the transition, please contact your local Cook sales representative.

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The new Dale ACE Connector® supports a closed enteral system fully compatible with the ENFit™ ISO 80369-3 standard.

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Enteral UK

GBUK Enteral Ltd is the UK’s leading enteral feeding device company. Our comprehensive ENFit™ range and dedicated support team provide the best in enteral feeding technology for healthcare professionals and their patients.

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Fresenius Kabi

Fresenius Kabi is a leading international health care company with the vision to offer forward driven ideas for the best support of patients and caretakers. Our ultimate goal is to supply safe and efficient methods to achieve an optimum clinical result for the welfare of patients and care providers. With this responsibility in mind Fresenius Kabi is member of the GEDSA and has implemented ENFit as standard to its a complete range of feeding tubes, giving sets and accessories for enteral nutrition. In the field of enteral nutrition Fresenius Kabi serves as full solution provider with a broad portfolio of ready to use tube feeds, oral nutritional supplements as well as powder products and sip feeds.

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IMI is an industry leader in Secure Drug Delivery. Our mission is to enhance mediation safety by providing drug security solutions to healthcare institutions worldwide. We are proud to contribute to GEDSA’s mission to promote initiatives surrounding safe and optimal delivery of enteral feeding and connectivity by manufacturing Tamper Evident Products specifically designed to meet the ISO 80369-3 standard.

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KB Medical Group

KB Medical Group, The specialist in Safety Medical Products and Nutrition care. We have the Headquarter in USA, and professional manufacturing plant in China. As a charter member of GEDSA, KB Medical Group had focused on a wide variety of innovative, high-quality Enteral Feeding System and accessories uniquely designed for delivering nutrition and medication to pediatric and adult patients who comply with the new standard ISO80369-3 ENFit™ connections. It is the time to make your decision to come to KB Medical with big capacity and full line of Nutrition solutions including ENFit™ Syringe 0.5cc, 1cc, 3cc low lose, 5cc,10cc, 20cc, 30cc, 50cc, 100cc with its connectors, and Enteral Feeding System.

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Medela’s full line of Neonatal Solutions include milk storage, waterless warming and enteral feeding, supporting the global neonatal community since 2014. The Medela Enteral Feeding System offers a versatile, infant-focused solution that includes syringes, extension sets, feeding tubes and enteral accessories specifically tailored to meet the needs of even the most demanding NICUs. At Medela, our highest goal is to ensure patient safety. As a GEDSA Associate Member, Medela has adopted the ENFit enteral feeding connector, not only to meet patient safety goals, but to also allow facilities ample opportunity to make the transition from previous connectors to the new ENFit connectors.

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Medicina, leaders in enteral delivery, present their new ENFit range of syringes, feeding tubes and accessories. Medicina are committed to providing a complete, safe and affordable enteral system.

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Medline is a leading manufacturer of medical device supplies serving hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies. Medline supports the transition to ENFit and is committed to facilitating a safe transition to the new ISO 80369-3 standard connectors.

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Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health, in collaboration with companies across the industry, has helped to develop the ENFit Connection System and the Stay Connected Initiative. By adopting ENFit connections, the complete Kangaroo™ portfolio will have the added safety of an internationally accepted standard for safe enteral connections.

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Moog Medical manufactures and distributes the EnteraLite® Infinity® and Infinity® Orange® Low Volume Enteral Feeding Pumps. Delivery sets used with these pumps include the ENFit® connector system with transitional stepped connectors.

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NeoMed is a global volume leader for the manufacture of ENFit® (standard and low dose) and oral/enteral syringes serving the neonatal community since 2007. NeoMed develops innovative enteral collection and delivery products supporting the specialized feeding and medication dosing needs of the low birth weight, neonatal and pediatric patient.  We are committed to improve patient outcomes through product designs that meet safety, clinical, and regulatory guidelines while supporting cost containment objectives.

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Nestlé Health Science

At Nestlé Health Science we are committed to offering healthcare professionals and caregivers superior products, evidence-based protocols, and business solutions that improve patient outcomes. We are excited to continue on of innovative products and services that bring value to patients and customers in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

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We are Nutricia. We believe in the power of nutrition to make a positive and proven difference to health; our expert understanding of nutrition means we have an important role in making this happen. We focus our time and energy on developing and delivering new nutritional solutions to meet both existing and emerging health needs. Our nutritional solutions are tailor-made to meet the specific nutritional needs associated with a variety of diseases and conditions.

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A global healthcare company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of high-quality medical devices and personal protective equipment for patients and clinicians.

We provide complete, competitive and innovative medtech solutions in a way that is relevant to our customers.

We have a rich pipeline of new product innovation, and we continuously improve our offer and work toward our goal of ‘Building a Healthier Tomorrow’.

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Devoted to a green earth and healthy life, Ucomfor offers the new ENFit connector on our enteral feeding products. Click the link below for information and complete product line.

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GEDSA - StayConnected - Vesco Medical

Vesco Medical

Vesco Medical currently offers a number of products with the new ISO standard ENFit connectors. At Vesco Medical, we are committed to continuously providing quality products, for more information check out our Quality Commitment.

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Because patient safety and best care must be on the top priority, Vygon commits to provide a safe and secure enteral feeding system for every patient. Learn more about our product offer.

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