ENFit enteral tubing connectors is a design standard developed to prevent enteral tubing misconnections. Through this standard, every enteral tubing accessory, extension set, syringe, long tube/PEG, and NG-tube will be designed with a specific ENFit connector to prevent enteral tubing misconnections. Though ENFit standardization is not mandated at this time, it is recommended by many professional organizations and regulating bodies – including the Joint Commission and the Food and Drug Administration.

While this unique international standard design for enteral devices improves safety, it has yet to reach full adoption in many countries. Reasons for lack of complete adoption include the limited resources available to make the transition, supply chain challenges, and perceived shortcomings in ENFit product designs. But with many legacy enteral devices being phased out by manufacturers, implementing ENFit should be a high priority.

Learning objectives
During this session, we’ll discuss:

  • What is ENFit and why do organizations need to rapidly transition
  • The current state of adoption
  • How to effectively transition to ENFIT and support available for the change

You can find all the supplementary materials: https://www.ecri.org/events/enfit-the-time-is-now